New! CADI Iridologia Chart Iriscope 12.0 MP Advance Iris Pro V 2,264.
It is a twelve iriscope powerful mega pixels, with a very accurate picture of the goal you want to achieve. It comes with advanced software and materials to use and implement in your clinic or business.

Iridology camera surgical instruments for maxillofacial surgery Main Functions and Features:

a. Nice appearance and good-looking design

b. Cold light illuminator around camera

c. Imported lens with plating layer

d. Imported CMOS sensor with 5 Mega pixels

e. Special DSP image manipulation lens

f. Control light of 8 mm camera to turn on or not.

g. Show the changes of video quickly, clearly and accurately.

h. Able to save, print reports of customers’ information

i. Easy to operate and time-saving.

Rated Voltage: DC5V 500MA

Color: white

Specification (length*width*height mm):


8MM Camera:60*45

Paper Box :220*153*73

1.take the iridlogy images surgical instruments for maxillofacial surgery

2. analyzer the iridlogy images the custumer info to the computer.

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